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We are a small creative studio focused on creating CGI images and videos for design labels. Our collaborations are grounded on an open exchange of ideas and the pursuit of high end results.​ Above all else, we are very passionate when it comes to Design, Architecture and Images.


We believe this is what our work is About.


Design Connected

A slightly out-of-the-box project, the Haussmann Apartment involved not only creating images and video but also designing  the apartment to be sold online as a Digital Location.


This digital space was intended for use by 3d artists as a photo shooting environment, so we designed it with key details that could be enhanced later.

Instead of filling the apartment with abundant furniture and decor, we focused on what we thought was most important: creating an opportunity for interpretation, creativity, and learning.

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During the 3 Days of Design design festival—an opportunity to see Koyori's full collection on display—late afternoon light became an unexpected participant.

The video showcases the journey of a beam of light from an almost abstract beginning to its final landing on the back of  Edaha Chair.

As we follow the light, we also follow Koyori's commitment to design and craftsmanship, with various details in focus.

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